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Is refinishing the present tub a good idea?

If you plan on keeping the walls aroung the tub, refinishing the tub is a way to go and there are several methods (spraying the tub or liners over the tub). If you are redoing the walls around the tub this usually exposes the wall studs then replacing the tub makes more sense. You get a better and more durable finish from the factory on a new product than one that is applied in your home. It is a little more expensive but definately?worth the money.

Should the tub be omitted to get a large shower?

As long as there is another tub in your home, I think it is?fine. Most people prefer showers anyway. Assuming we are referring to the master bath, it’s your own personal space so a nice shower can be great. While a shower and tub are desireable, sometimes there is to much compromising going on?to?do a good job on both. ?A well designed, roomy shower maybe with a bench seat, body sprays, hand held, rain shower or clear glass enclosure can be very desireable for your use now and resale in the future.

What selection should be made first?

Sometimes there is something you fall in love with and that is where you should start. There are so many products, colors and finishes to choose from you are almost certain to fine something that works. You may find during all of this your first love takes a back seat to something else. It’s part of the process. If you are working with me you will get my input as well but ultimately it is what you like. Take your time and get comfortable with your decision as you will have it for a long time. There is an interior designer that?I?use and we can get her involved as well if you would like.