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How do I get the most from a small bathroom space?

First off, one persons idea of “small” may be different than the next. A lot of bathrooms can not be enlarged easily, or you simply may not want to go that route. Either way, there are a number of things that can be done to make better use of space, make the room appear larger and be?more up to date.

Light colors and large mirrors make any small space appear larger. Many baths have a wall with a door separating the tub and?toilet area from the vanity and removing the wall will open up the space a lot. Removing any soffits gives a similar effect. These two changes will?make the room more current with todays trends, are not expensive to do and?normally do?not create any structural issues.?Clear glass tub or shower doors will make?the space feel larger as will the use of?larger floor tiles. And, sometimes a pocket door can be just the answer for that door that is always in the way.

While a pedestal sink gives you a spacious look, you loose counter and storage space in the process. A nice vanity cabinet with drawers is usually a better option, especially if you use a cabinet with frameless construction, as you get almost 2″ more width in each drawer and drawers with full extension slides?will make better use of space than just doors only. The possibility of recessing a tall cabinet between studs sometimes exists and can give you a lot of convenient storage. Usually a linen closet is not the best use of space, so possibly that could be improved upon as well. Of course, good lighting and ventilation are an important part of any bathroom.

The main thing in a small bath is to maximize every inch of space that you can!

I may be able to come up with more ideas, once I see the area you are planning to remodel.